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“What I’m working on is the idea that DNA is essentially a digital programming language”

Gregory Chaitin

Gregory Chaitin - Photo by Virginia Chaitin
“Life is linked to the capacity of being autonomous from one’s environment

Andrés Moya

Andrés Moya
“Life is not only what biology says”

Marcelo Pakman

Marcelo Pakman
“It’s hard for us to understand life, humans, because we are victims of our own violence”

Reyes Mate

Reyes Mate
“Life is the ability to see the possibilities to change our own reality”

Eugenio Trías

Eugenio Trías - Photo by Joan Sánchez
“We know nothing about humankind in the pure biological state”

Félix de Azúa

Félix de Azúa
Talk at Ted: “Unveiling synthetic life”

Craig Venter

Synthetic life
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