Tomás Marco

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Tomás MarcoTomás Marco was born in Madrid de 12th of september of 1942.

“I am a musician, even though I also studied other majors. For example, I have a degree in Law, even though I’ve never actually worked as a lawyer. I guess it’s all the best for my would-be clients. Outside Spain I took courses in Psychology, Sociology, Theatre and German, mainly out of my personal interest, since I’m interested in almost everything. But my main field is Music. I studied in Madrid first, then in France and in Germany. I studied with the great names of the avant-garde of the time, like Boulez and Stockhousen, and I became the latter’s assistant. Later I’ve devoted myself to composition and to writing about music. Apart from that I’ve had other jobs, mostly related to music and management. I spent 12 years in the musical shows of the Spanish national radio and then I started working at the Ministry of Culture, where I became in charge of the Orquesta Nacional twice, at the Center for Contemporary Culture and the International Festival of Alicante. And, for a period which was probably not my most fruitful one, I was in charge of the INAEM. Now I’m retired and I spend my time composing and writing about music.”

An interview with Tomás Marco

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