Eduardo Angulo

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Eduardo Angulo has a Ph.D in Biology and teaches in the Eduardo AnguloUniversidad del País Vasco. His area of research is the microscopic study of cells and tissues, as well as their relationship with environmental changes. He has published more than a hundred research papers in scientific magazines and is the author of  “Julio Verne y la cocina: la vuelta al mundo en 80 recetas” and “Monstruos”. He is a member of the Skeptical Circle.

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This author’s articles by subject:

What is free will?

“We are barely more than a hormone soup”

Free will
What is knowledge?

“We know what our senses let us know”

What is humor?

“Sense of humor in the male of our species has revealed itself as an important component in the search for a partner”

What is love?

“Love is a chemical phenomenon that causes addiction”

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