Andrés Moya

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Andrés MoyaAndrés Moya (Chirivella, Valencia, 1956) is professor of genetics at the University of Valencia, where he received his PhD in Biology in 1983 and in Philosophy five years later. Nowadays he is the director of the Cavanilles institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology. He is also in charge of a research team in genomics. He also studied at the University of California with Francisco J. Ayala. His works deal with very specific aspects of evolution, as well as scientific activity. His last book is Pensar desde la ciencia (Trotta).

An interview with Andrés Moya

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“Love is a state where one completely loses the notion of reality”


“Language is a genuinely human tool ”


“Life is linked to the capacity of being autonomous from one’s environment”


“Science makes you prone to atheism”

The meaning of life

“We are a contingent product of the laws of Nature. Just as we exist, we could also not”

Meaning of life
Free will

“Sometimes I think we’re not free, sometimes I think we are”

Free will
The future

“We have no choice but to intervene in Nature more if we want to survive as a species”

Asrock future cpu port

“We may think about avoiding death, though historically we won’t be able to”

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