Eugenio Trías

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Eugenio Trías - Photo by Joan Sánchez

Photo by Joan Sánchez

Eugenio Trías (Barcelona, 1942) is currently a professor of Philosophy in the Pompeu Fabra university, in Barcelona; before, he taught Aesthetics at the Escuela de Arquitectura of the UPC. His philosophical beginnings are linked to structuralism, with Nietzsche as a clear influence. He soon started on his own path, in which he has explored several areas of philosophy: from the notion of the subject to the function of philosophy, to trying to build an ontological image of the world based on the idea of a “limit.” In 1982 he was awarded the Premio Nacional de Ensayo for his book Lo bello y lo siniestro. His last book, about music, is titled La imaginación sonora. He is currently working on an essay about cinema.

More information about Eugenio Trías can be found at his homepage.

An interview with Eugenio Trías

Answers from this author by topic

The possibility of knowledge

“We have to move towards a recomposition of knowledge, with connections between science and philosophy”

The existence of an external reality

“There is a very close unity between matter and spirit”

External Reality

“Questioning the subject is not the same as suppressing it”


“Life is the ability to see the possibilities to change our own reality”

The meaning of life

“Meaning is always subject to revision”

Meaning of life
Free Will

“This is not a world of fatality but of free choice”

Free will

“Music is articulate sound”

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