Johannes Koelman

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Johannes KoelmanJohannes Koelman is a Dutch theoretical physicist who worked on subjects ranging from spin-polarized quantum systems to microscopic fluid dynamics. Currently he is working as project leader R&D and Chief Scientist with a major corporation. Johannes is known as the inventor of DPD, a method to simulate complex fluids, but also – and increasingly so – as ‘The Hammock Physicist’ and featured writer at Science 2.0. In his blog he elucidates fundamental physics insights with simple (often graphical) models, while not shying away from exploring the present boundaries of physics.

An interview with Johannes Koelman

Answers from this author by topic

What is the Universe made of?

“Gravity can be understood as an entropic force, provided the Universe is holographic in nature”

Universe made of
On truth

“Truth is nothing more than the recognition of a consistent description that correctly describes measurement outcomes”

About God

“From a physics perspective the whole claim ‘god not needed’ is empty”

What is free will?

“When it comes to issues like free will and consciousness, physics simply has no answers”

Free will
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