Martin Bojowald

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Martin BojowaldMartin Bojowald is an associate Professor of Physics at the Pennsylvania State University. Before that, he spent several years at the Max-Planck Institute in Germany. At the age of 27 he created a model for the Universe using Quantum Loop Theory, one of the current contenders for a unified theory of quantum gravity, thus creating the new field of Quantum Loop Cosmology. His model shocked the Physics community by prediction a Universe in which the Big Bang is not the beginning of time, but an intermediate stage between an expanding Universe -ours- and a previous, contracting one. The details of his theory are explained brilliantly in his book, Once Before Time, which is accessible to readers without any background in Physics and which has been reviewed in this magazine.

More information about Martin Bojowald can be found in his homepage.

An interview with Martin Bojowald

Answers from this author by topic

What is space?

“Space is made of elementary constituents just like the atoms in matter”

What is time?

“Time or change arises when atoms of space and matter interact with each other”

What is the Universe made of?

“The most fundamental aspect of the universe which can be assigned reality is change”

Universe made of
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