Carlos G. Vallés

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Carlos G. Vallés (Logroño, 1925)Carlos G. Vallés

He studied at the Jesuitic school at Tudela (Navarra) and became a novice shortly after. Before being ordered priest, which happened in 1958, he was sent to India. There, he graduated in Mathematics (1953) by the University of Madras, where later he would become a teacher. In 1960 he published a volume called University Morals in which he discussed the situation of being a modern university student in India. He wrote the book in the guyarati language and, as of today, it has undergone more than 20 editions. He later became a contributor for the newspaper Guyarat Samachar, where he published several articles which were later compiled into books. He has published more than 70 titles, many of them about mathematics, but also about morals or psychology. In 1995 and 1997, after almost 10 years in which he combined university teaching with asking for alms, he got several prizes for his contribution “to mutual understanding, caring and unity between peoples of different language, culture and religion.” After retiring from his position as a professor in Madras he has traveled all around the world, giving talks and conferences. About himself, he says he has received “the blessing which in Orient we call ‘living three lives in one'”. And he adds: “as if that wasn’t enough, now Internet comes to open our options, multiply contact and bring friends closer. Bless it”.

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