Manuel Lozano Leyva

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Manuel Lozano LeyvaManuel Lozano Leyva was born in Seville in 1949 and nowadays he is a Physics professor at that city’s university, after majoring at the Universidad de Zaragoza and getting his PhD. in Seville. Throughout his life he has done research and taught at several European and American institutions. At the same time he has collaborated in different media as a Science popularizer and he has published more than half a dozen books about Science in general and Physics in particular. He has also published several historical novels which have been translated to numerous languages.

An interview with Manuel Lozano Leyva.

Is there an external reality?

“Physics cannot elucidate this problem”

External reality
About God

“The idea of God is superfluous or, at least, unnecessary”

What is space?

“It’s the age of M theories”

What is time?

“Time is a parameter in Physics”

What is the Universe made of?

“The Universe is radiation and matter”

World made of
What is free will?

“Free will has no place in Physics”

Free will
What is the meaning of life?

“Our being alone is compatible with the whole galaxy brimming with life”

Meaning of life
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