Is there an external reality? By Félix de Azúa

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There’s one, there’s no doubt about it. The English, with analysis, have been fighting the subject-object problem for centuries. Mind-body. It is evident there is something outside, what happens is that we’re part of the exterior. We’re a weird bug which can be considered internal sometimes, external some other times. When I say we are part of the exterior I don’t mean we have to believe in something external but that, for example, I can buy a liver. That’s being a part the exterior. We start to be a part of the exterior after the birth of compared anatomy, when humans, as apes, start being a part of the animal kingdom. With Darwin, with Cuvier, we start being real animals. We start being external. A XI century Christian was not part of the exterior. He believed in Universe which was absolutely holistic and spiritual. Whether he believed in God or not! Because we’re not talking about personal beliefs, but state ones, social ones. Maybe in the XI century there was someone who didn’t believe in God, but it’s impossible for us to know. If there was, he or she didn’t last long. If someone found out, they got killed. For us it’s the same: the exterior is now a part of us; we are exterior and thus the interior, that old romantic subjectivity, has become very damaged, in the sense that a great deal of the current Philosophy can deny it and say: “no, there’s no such thing as the interior”, the subject. All the French school, from Foucault on, denies the existence of the subject, in the sense that the human essence does not exist. Posthumanism, nihilism, I insist, mainly French -which is a bit more vain, to put it some way- clearly state that we are now posthuman. We are not human. If we are not human, the internal-external division suffers a devastating attack.

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