What is time? By Tomás Marco

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This question has been asked by many people since Pythagoras and no-one has answered it. Not even Einstein. It would be pretentious for me to define time, but it’s true that we humans have a series of things, not only time, that we don’t really know how to define with words, although we do feel what they are. It’s in this sense that I feel that an artistic approach to the gives us a vision of reality that maybe science can’t. Because there are things that may not be expressed with words and, nevertheless, we feel them. It’s the case of Music itself, of which we always say it’s indescribable. For the romantics it meant mystical, but indescribable means it simply can’t be expressed in words. Music is expressed only through music. Maybe time isn’t something to define but to experience. Unfortunately, we experience time lineally, since we are born until we die, and for others there are other kinds of time: Einstein’s time is different, because magnitudes are different. In that time we don’t inhabit more than a tiny part, but they aren’t incompatible.

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