Is knowledge in Philosophy mediated by Science? By Víctor Gómez Pin

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Not necessarily, because reason is not exclusively a knowing reason. What I mean is that if we’re talking about knowledge we cannot abstract ourselves from Science. If I wanted, and I want to, think about what long ago would have been classified as Philosophia Naturalis, which is after all what Newton did, I cannot ignore all these informational elements that constitute Quantum Mechanics, neither those of Relativity Theory, because the ontological weight of Relativity Theory does not consist of making space relative: what happens is that, since Newtonian and Kantian space is absolute by definition, making it relative amounts to suppressing it. The essence of the Theory of Relativity is in a sentence from Max Born, Nobel Prize in Physics and Einstein’s colleague, in which he says space and time do not have a physical reality. So this is it. And, despite everything I believe Quantum Mechanics is a more radical subversion than Relativity Theory, amongst other things because saying space and time have no physical reality has no ontological consequences. In fact, Einstein savages other elements from Physics by sacrificing space and time. What I mean is that, if I want to do a rigorous Philosophy of Nature I need to be aware of these debates. I cannot ignore the mathematical formalism and I cannot ignore genetics either. And this happens because, well since Aristotle, we know there are more diverse modalities of Nature. There’s a more primitive, more elementary Nature, and this is the one Physicists study. Then, there is a great subversion in Natural History, which is the emergence of life and today, thanks to genetics, we have a fundamental weapon to know what that means. And I believe there is a third subversion, maybe the most radical of all, which is the emergence of language. Theologians say that verb became flesh and I don’t have the slightest doubt the flesh became verb, the gene became language. Or we wouldn’t be here, speaking.

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