Love – by Andrés Moya

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You say love is a superior feeling. In what sense?

It’s not strictly a superior feeling if one follows the line suggested by Jonas, where all the manifestations of the spirit are something which keeps developing throughout the history of life. We can dissect the amorous phenomenon throughout that history. Love carries, associated with it, behaviors which are related to the evolution of sexuality. Bacteria have sex. Is there love amongst bacteria? It’s very convenient, with this exercise and precisely to naturalize humans, to not talk about categories which are exclusive to the human species and to try to make an effort to see to what extent we have more or less exacerbated characteristics. Species, to the extent that they have evolved, have been able to develop their spirit increasingly. So the amorous behavior in our spirit is an exacerbated behavior for other species. This is important in order to naturalize humankind. Jesús Mosterín sometimes says that humans haven’t had a nature. In the traditional view, we were beings who had to reject the idea of matter. The body was something abominable. Even in a certain recent tradition, to the extent to which our brain was set up to assimilate the culture of the society where it developed, there was no place for biology, for the physical nature of our own body. This is terrible and it’s hard to understand how we’ve lived for so long with this stubborn view. The view that our species is not just one more species. It is. We are just one more species, with some unique characteristics. The statement about superior categories can help us understand. Does love have very curious manifestations? It does. It’s a state where the person absolutely loses the notion of reality, but associated with it there’s the need for interaction with the loved one, which can be tracked to the dawn of times and are also reproduced in other beings which don’t suffer from this dumbfoundedness of the amorous state. The one of our species has certain particular characteristics, but also many things which are common to other beings. In my books I’ve tried to show the evolutionary context and to overcome dualism.

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