Political power – by Juan-Ramón Capella

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What aspects of the Law are you still working on?

You have raised a series of subjects I hardly talk about. I’m more interested in questions such as: who has the power today? For example. Where is the power? Because, of course, you can vote whatever you want but, at the end, the politics will be exactly the same. Are we still living in a democracy or this is a disguised oligarchy? I believe we live in disguised oligarchies, even though people have rights. Which is a lot, it’s important. Especially the rights concerning freedom. But for other people social rights are more important, because in order to have an opinion you first need to have a full belly. One cannot rebel with an empty stomach. These are the subjects of political philosophy which keep me up at night and make me write a couple of lines.

You said our system is more similar to a disguised oligarchy than to a democracy. Can this be changed?

The only way is more democratic power. We live in complex societies and democracy cannot exist without informed citizens. Education is important. The world of the Internet is a great thing and it’s being proven. But not only there. There’s a lot of information and people can access it outside curricular systems. It’s just beginning, because the immense majority of people cannot use a computers, we mustn’t fool ourselves, but I think good things may come this way, in years to come. Also, people today know that chopping heads off is useless, that what must be done is changing institutions. This is a great advancement. Seeing the people from the movement Democracia Real Ya (the Ya -now, in Spanish- is really powerful) with their pacifism is fantastic. Young people have been educated to not interrupt people who are talking. I still interrupt people. I should hit myself. To listen, to defend things without violence. 40, 50 years ago, in the study centers people didn’t work like that. And it’s a great thing. Despite the failure of the education system, there are things which are going extremely well. And that makes me really excited. I think it’s really interesting.

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