Free will – by Juan-Ramón Capella

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To what extent does that presuppose free will?

This is an absolutely murky area from which I don’t think I can come out victorious. If we start thinking about the determinations in our consciousness, it’s possible we may reach the conclusion there’s no free will. But I think it must exist. It’s a matter that worries me, but that I’ve never tried to solve. I would connect it, even though this may seem like quite a leap, with dreams. The free associations that happen in dreams. I am a person with absolutely no artistic talent. I can’t draw; I like sculpture but I’ve never been able to make anything that seemed praiseworthy; I like music, but I’m a listener, I can’t even play harmonica and I guess I wouldn’t be able to follow a drum rhythm either. However, in some dreams, I have seen an unpublished work of art, something that doesn’t exist, but wonderful. In the dream I myself was astonished and, after waking up, I still remembered. Some strange, Dalinian machine, kind of surrealistic, without any purpose, but very beautiful. How is it possible that, in my dream, with any determination, I or, better said, that brain I don’t control, am able to create something I cannot create in my conscious life? That is, we have latent capacities we don’t use, we don’t know how to use. And that points to the question of free will. We are probably very determined culturally, but we have more capacities than we believe. Therefore, we can probably be freer.

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