God – By Juan-Ramón Capella

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But God is still a reference for conservative thought, apart from the proof of his existence.

People who state there are intangible and insensible things must bear the burden of proof. If not, we could admit the existence of sirens or gollos, which are charming -but unobservable- bugs, and which are everywhere. There are three or four here.

There’s resistance. For example, the creationists.

Yes, but sheltered by state laws and tradition. Creationism has the same problem as solipsism. If you say God created the world 6,000 years ago and, on top of that, he put fossils in the earth so that we would believe they were 300,000 years old, you are setting up a theory that, yes, is very hard to disprove, but it’s like a film people either buy or not. It seems dangerous to me but, especially, sad for the country where this is becoming strong, because it signals a great decadence in their spirit. In the same way that one sees in the history of our country the disgrace it was to expel the Moorish and Jewish, the patrimonial conception of the kings that employed the Spanish troops and America’s gold in enterprises for the Hapsburg dynasty, that had nothing to do with the needs of the people, of the Catalan or Castilian farmer, but that spent everything there and ruined a great empire. When you see things like Creationism in schools, one thinks that this society which had such a great impulse from the middle of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century, is in decadence. If that propagates, it means it is in the middle of a great spiritual decadence.
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