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Before, you talked about non-locality. Does that force us to re-think our notion of space?

Not really. Not through non-locality, but through relativity and other phenomena, one has to start re-thinking the notion of space, but traditional Quantum Physics doesn’t raise any problems with it. Space is simply something that’s given and in which everything happens, and even though Quantum Physics has some properties that seem non-local, it can be shown that those do not violate causality, that is, that they cannot be used to produce actions at a distance. Therefore, the non-locality that exists in Quantum Mechanics is somewhat fictitious, since it doesn’t allow us to communicate a infinite velocity, which would be a tragedy because it would have dire consequences regarding causality.

I was thinking about what happens when trying to unify Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, more specifically about the Holographic Principle, in which all the information of a Black Hole seems to be stored on its surface. Which led some physicists to think that all the information in the universe is stored on its surface.

Yes, but I don’t think that raises any problems. Even classical Physics, Maxwell’s Electromagnetism, says that if one has a wave and measures it in some space, one will know its value in the whole of space, that is, all the information stored in a wave is simply in a plane, even though it’s moving though space. That’s not so strange. What happens is that nowadays, in terms of relativity, there is a problem when trying to unify Quantum Physics and Einstein’s theory of gravitation. We don’t know how to do that and there are people who, in order to make them agree, takes into account that space itself could be a Quantum-Physical object, an object in which there could be fluctuations of space itself. And that gave rise to those new conceptions one needs to have. But I think all of that is just lucubration, because there is no such theory yet. Nobody has managed to unify them.

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