External reality, by Reyes Mate

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Have philosophers abandoned the more substantial topics in Philosophy in order to embrace some of a more methodological character?

The problem of Philosophy is that, for a long time, it has been talking to itself. Its object was the history of Philosophy, that is, what philosophers had said. In history, the subject of metaphysics was fundamental, but that approach has been somewhat exhausted. A moment has come in which Philosophy has become adjective: it has become a philosophy of politics, a philosophy of morals, a philosophy of aesthetics. The metaphysical aspects weren’t shunned, but the ultimate questions where directed towards real problems, the problems in life which Philosophy had to face. There hasn’t been a loss of substance but a revitalization of Philosophy, looking to face more specific problems.

Maybe Philosophy has been more focused on discourses about reality than on reality itself.

Philosophy always has a problem there. All of Philosophy depends on thought about reality, but the concept of reality is not defined by Philosophy itself. It is given by experience or by science. Philosophy and have specialized and become cultures unknown to each other, which has weakened both. But, beyond the knowledge about reality that Science grants us, there are a series of questions that humanity asks itself and that go through the different states of technical-scientific knowledge. These Kantian questions are still valid: what can we know? What should we do? What should we expect? They happen within a rural world, an industrial world and a telematic world such as ours.

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