Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

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Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

When the universe is observed with a very sensitive radio telescope -which observes very low-energy, high-wavelength electromagnetic radiation- it reveals itself as being immersed in a sea of thermal radiation -the kind of radiation bodies emit when they’re hot- equivalent to a temperature of roughly 2.7 K (-270.3 ºC).

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation is proof that the universe was very hot at some moment in its past but, through expansion, it gradually cooled down to the temperature we observe nowadays. It is one of the most important pieces of evidence to support the Big Bang theory.

Nowadays the CMBR is being thoroughly studied by a number of experiments, such as the WMAP and Planck satellites, which are bringing the astronomers a great amount of data and revolutionizing the field of cosmology.


Information on the Planck satellite at ESA.

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