Indeterministic Theories

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Indeterministic theories

A theory is said to be indeterministic if it does not completely determine the evolution of a system, even if it has all the information about it at a given moment. Indeterministic theories are, therefore, probabilistic theories.

There is some controversy about whether Quantum Mechanics is deterministic or not. In the Copenhagen interpretation, it is an indeterministic theory, since the wave-function collapse chooses the final state randomly. In other interpretations, such as many-worlds, there is no such thing as the wave-function collapse, only the universal wave-function evolving in time according to Schroedinger’s equation. In this case, the behavior is totally determined and Quantum Mechanics should be considered a deterministic theory: the source of indeterminacy in our experiments comes from our own biased position in the multiverse, not from the theory itself.

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