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The multiverse is a postulated entity, made up of an enormous number of universes. Some people believe our universe is nothing but one in the myriad of possible universe and that they all exist simultaneously, in this huge structure called the multiverse.

The idea of a multiverse first sprung up in Quantum Mechanics, with the many-worlds interpretation. Since then, however, the notion has undergone a great evolution. The idea of a multiverse can also be found in inflationary cosmology, where our universe is thought to be but an expanding bubble in an ocean of other bubble-universes; string theory also has its own version of the multiverse -sometimes called “the landscape”- which would be made up of every possible universe, with every possible set of laws compatible with string theory. Put in another way, each universe would have a different value for the different free parameters in string theory.

The idea of the multiverse being real is becoming more and more accepted by the Physics community, an is backed up by people such as Stephen Hawking.

Michio Kaku talks about the multiverse in this video.

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