Holographic Principle

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Holographic Principle

The Holographic Principle is a property of quantum theories of gravity, inspired by black hole thermodynamics. It states that the information in the volume of a certain space-time region may be seen as encoded in its 2-dimensional boundary. This stems from the fact that entropy -and thus information- of a black hole increases with its area, not its volume, therefore suggesting that information is stored in the surface of the black hole. That is, all we need to specify a black hole completely is the information contained in its horizon.

This has led to the hypothesis that our universe may be a 2-dimensional structure, that the universe is somehow “painted” in its boundary. It also suggests that information it contains is finite and, thus, that the universe is discrete.

For a very accessible but thorough information of the Holographic Principle, see the Hammock Physicist’s article on the subject.

Raphael Bousso’s fascinating talk on the subject.

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