What is the Universe made of? By Johannes Koelman

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In your articles you defend the recently proposed theory that gravity is an entropic force, driven by the increase in information. Based on that, what would be the fundamental constituents of the Universe?
Gravity can be understood as an entropic force, provided our universe is holographic in nature. And for that to be the case, the fundamental degrees of freedom need to be much sparser than one might expect based on standard quantum field theory. These holographic degrees of freedom are manifest in space-time in the form of causal influences. In loose terms one can think of these as discrete ray paths which fill space-time due to their direction being somewhat uncertain.
What exactly is your view on space-time? You seem to think it is discrete rather than continuous?
Space-time is emergent in a way we do not understand. Some causal structure must be the foundation from which space-time emerges. I am convinced this causal structure is discrete in nature. It has to be for the emergent space-time to have holographic properties.

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