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“Spirit does not appear overnight. It is intertwined with biological evolution itself.”

An interview with Andrés Moya

The Spanish biologist reflects on how biological research may shape the future of humankind.

Andrés Moya
“People have devoted a lot of effort to making up theories of justice, but what really exists is injustice.”

An interview with Juan-Ramón Capella

The Spanish philosopher of law reflects on justice and injustice, life projects -individual and collective- and the future.

Juan-Ramón Capella
“Consciousness is a natural phenomenon, just like any other.”

An interview with Jesús Zamora

The Spanish philosopher talks about the notions of truth and verisimilitude, consciousness, God and the study of the scientific enterprise.

Jesús Zamora
“I think a universe must have certain laws.”

An interview with Ignacio Cirac

The Spanish physicist talks about his contributions to Quantum Computing and about how the laws of Quantum Mechanics change the way we think about reality.

Ignacio Cirac
“We “psy” people are some kind of experts in doing an autopsy of language.”

An interview with Marcelo Pakman

The Argentinian psychiatrist discusses the concept of poetry in psychotherapy and makes a case for uniqueness against universality.

Marcelo Pakman
“We’ve ended up thinking time and space are unnecessary”

An interview with Reyes Mate

The Spanish philosopher discusses how traumatic events in the 20th century have shaped the way we understand the world, as well as how changes in technology are changing our concept of freedom.

Reyes Mate
“There is a very close unity between matter and spirit”

An interview with Eugenio Trías

The Spanish philosopher Eugenio Trías gives us his views on knowledge, consciousness and the existence of the subject.

Eugenio Trías - Photo by Joan Sánchez

Eugenio Trías - Photo by Joan Sánchez

“Seen from outside, our life looks absurd”

An interview with Armando Massarenti

In this interview, the Italian philosopher Armando Massarenti talks about free will, the possibility of knowledge and the meaning of life in a light yet serious manner.

Armando Massarenti
“At any given moment, authenticity can only be partial”

A paper by B. G. Yacobi

In his paper “Elements of Human Authenticity”, B. G. Yacobi explores the difficult issue of human authenticity, the paradoxes it involves and the road towards it.

B. G. Yacobi
“What I’m working on is the idea that DNA is essentially a digital programming language”

An interview with Gregory Chaitin

Gregory Chaitin developed Algorithmic Information Theory when he was in his teens; now, he is in the process of formulating the first mathematical theory of evolution, Metabiology, dealing with the emergence of creativity in the biological world.

Gregory Chaitin - Photo by Virginia Chaitin

Gregory Chaitin - Photo by Virginia Chaitin

“A theory of everything is possible, but it is a misnomer”

An interview with Johannes Koelman

The Dutch physicist and blogger talks about truth, the theory of everything and the holographic nature of space-time.

Johannes Koelman
“Self-deception is the most common form of deception”

An interview with Miguel Catalán

Miguel Catalán, an expert in pseudology, talks about deception and the way it has shaped human identity.

Miguel Catalán
“The most fundamental aspect of the Universe which can be assigned reality is change”

An interview with Martin Bojowald

The Physicist who invented Quantum Loop Cosmology discusses how the theory changes the way we see the Universe.

Martin Bojowald
“We can say that an external reality exists because it is useful for us”

A collection of papers by Manuel Pelegrina

The Phychologist from the University of Málaga talks about the possibility of knowledge.

Manuel Pelegrina
“Religion, Philosophy and science and art are on the verge of stopping”

An interview with Félix de Azúa

The writer and philosopher discusses the meaning of life, knowledge and the role of art.

Félix de Azúa
“Love is a chemical phenomenon that causes addiction”

A paper by Eduardo Angulo

The biologist from the Universidad del País Vasco walks unprejudiced amongst one of the most literary feelings.

Eduardo Angulo
“If there’s no experiment, we’re not talking about Physics”

An interview with Manuel Lozano Leyva

The physicist and writer talks about the Universe’s composition and the chances we have to get to know it.

Manuel Lozano Leyva
Other interviews: “The interesting things in life are universal”

Víctor Gómez Pin, Philosopher

Víctor Gómez Pin
“Music is an approximation to the world and a knowledge of it”

Tomás Marco, composer

Tomás Marco
“Free will is the perception that, writing this, I could stop doing so”

Carlos G. Vallés, mathematician and theologian

Carlos G. Vallés
Other papers: “We are barely more than a hormone soup”

Eduardo Angulo

Eduardo Angulo
“We know what our senses let us know”
Eduardo Angulo
Eduardo Angulo
“Sense of humor in the male of our species has revealed itself as an important component in the search for a partner”

Eduardo Angulo

Eduardo Angulo
“The very existence of space is a real puzzle”

Eduard Arroyo

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